Tiger T-shirt
Wolf T-shirt
Wilddog T-shirt
3 Ladies Design T-shirt
Ndebele T-shirt
Zulu King T-shirt
Big 5 T-shirt
Big 5 Map of Africa T-shirt
Family Tree T-shirt
Giraffe T-shirt
Kudu T-shirt
Rhino T-shirt
Black Eagle T-shirt
Buck Heads T-shirt
Elephant T-shirt
Ting 5 T-shirt
Big Cats T-shirt
Ugly 5 T-shirt
Baby 5 T-shirt
Cute 5 T-shirt
Cubs T-shirt
Cheetah T-shirt
Leopard T-shirt
Lion T-shirt
             What the designs look like on our T-shirts. The T-shirts are made here in South Africa and come in
a variety of colors. The size in Adults are from S-XXXL & Kiddies from 2-3yrs - 13-14yrs, on a 185 gram cotton T-shirt
Tiger, Wolf, Wild Dog.
3 Ladies, Ndebele, Zulu.
Big 5 & Family Tree.
Black Eagle, Bucks, Elephant.
Baby 5, Cute 5, Cubs.
Cheetah, Leopard, Lion.
Giraffe, Kudu, Rhino.
Tiny 5, Big Cats, Ugliest 5.
A Heritage of African Clothing c.c.
Makers of Wildlife T-shirts and accessories that capture the image of Africa.
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