Tiger T-shirt
Wolf Tees - Natural Color
Wilddog Tees - Natural Color
3 Ladies Design T-shirt
Ndebele T-shirt
Zulu King T-shirt
Big 5 T-shirt
Big 5 Map of Africa T-shirt
Family Tree T-shirt
Kudu T-shirt
Giraffe Tees -turq Color
100_3628 (1088 x 816)
Black Eagle T-shirt
Buck Heads T-shirt
Elephant T-shirt
Ting 5 T-shirt
Big Cats T-shirt
Ugly 5 T-shirt
Baby 5 T-shirt
Cute 5 T-shirt
Cubs T-shirt
Cheetah T-shirt
Leopard T-shirt
Lion T-shirt
             What the designs look like on our T-shirts. The T-shirts are made here in South Africa and come in
a variety of colors. The size in Adults are from S-XXXL & Kiddies from 2-3yrs - 13-14yrs, on a 185 gram cotton T-shirt
Tiger, Wolf, Wild Dog.
3 Ladies, Ndebele, Zulu.
Big 5 & Family Tree.
Black Eagle, Bucks, Elephant.
Baby 5, Cute 5, Cubs.
Cheetah, Leopard, Lion.
Giraffe, Kudu, Rhino.
Tiny 5, Big Cats, Ugliest 5.
Makers of Wildlife T-shirts and accessories that capture the image of Africa.
Color T-Shirt Swatch.
Adult 145g Light Weight Tees
Adult 165g Combed Cotton Tees
Adult 180g Heavy Weight Tees
Kiddies 180g Heavy Weight Tees
145g Adult Tees.
165g Combed Cotton Tees
180g Adult Tees.
180g Kiddies Tees.
A Heritage of African Clothing