A Heritage of African Clothing c.c.
Makers of Wildlife T-shirts and accessories that capture the image of Africa.
  Our range of Hessian bags come in 3 styles , Frill , Beach and Shopper and a number of designs.
Cheetah Beach Bag
Lion Beach Bag
Leopard Beach Bag
Walking Cheetah Beach Bag
Family Tree Beach Bag
Cubs Beach Bag
Giraffe Beach Bag
Hessian Beach Bags.
Cheetah Frill
Cubs Frill
Family Free Trill
Giraffe Frill
Leopard Frill
Lion Frill
Hessian Frill Bags.
Cheetah Shopper
Cheetah Walking Shopper
Cubs Shopper
Family Tree Shopper
Giraffe Shopper
Leopard Shopper
Lion Shopper
Hessian Shopper Bags.