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Makers of South African Bean Bags that capture the image of Africa.
Red (299 x 400)
Green (400 x 300)
Yellow (300 x 400)
Shweshwe Style Bean Bags
Adustable Covers 2
SA Flag (400 x 300)
SA Flag Bean Bags
African Drums (400 x 300)
Drums (400 x 300)
Masks (400 x 300)
Shakers (400 x 300)
Various African Style Bean Bags
All Beanies (350 x 467)
Bean Bags for all
Excitng New Products - South African Bean Bags of various designs

a) Interchangable Cover Bean Bag - One Bean Bag with interchangable covers - R140ea with one cover,
new covers for cover only R60ea and R70ea Shweshwe material.

b) Bean Bags Style of your choice - One Bean Bag in various designs - R130ea

All Bean Bags are washable / have a inner bag that holds either the cornseeds or wheat. 100% cotton.

c) Size of Bean Bags are 32cm wide and 26cm length and full of either corn or wheat - the fuller the better
holds the heat longer.

d) Heat in a Microwave for 2 to 3 minutes , take out shake the Bean Bag so that heat is distributed evenly.
Gives over 1 hour of heat - ideal for warming up that bed especially during winter  better than Hot Water
Bottles, great for the little ones, idea for keeping baby warm and helping with those aches and pains not
to mention great for relaxing after a stressful day.